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5 Common Pet Emergencies


Our furry friends can be mischievous and troublesome. They love getting into things they shouldn’t. There many poisonous substances that are dangerous for all animals, and each animal species has its own personal poisons. Never give your pet human medications prescribed or over-the-counter. Only give your pets medication that is made for animals. Keep your medication and food away from your four legged friends. Take this extra precaution and you can avoid poisonings. If your pet is poisoned, call the 24 hour Animal Poison Control Center (888) 426-4435. There may be a fee. Some pets figure out how traffic works, but most do not. A scared cat usually waits till the last minute to try to run across the street. To avoid any car accidents, keep your pets enclosed in your backyard. If you take your dog on a wash, don’t let them go off leash. You may think your dog is obedient and will stay close, but if a squirrel runs by, who knows what your dog will do. If your pet is hit but seems fine, you should still visit a vet. Your pet may be suffering from internal injuries. Go to a vet immediately after your bet has been hit. Unfortunately, pets run away. Cats love to wander around and sometimes do not come back. There are many opportunities for a pet to run loose. Keep all your fences in top condition. Don’t leave any gates or doors open. Pets are sneaky. They will try to find a way out. If your pet can jump high, you should make sure your walls and gates are high enough. You may also want to microchip and a collar with an ID tag. Keep this information current and register the microchip. This will make it easier to find your loving pet. Neutering pets can reduce some animal instinct to roam. Pets heat up quite quickly. Unfortunately, not all animals know how to handle the heat. Dogs will continue to play and run, even if they are too hot. You need to be aware of heat for your pets. Give your pets plenty of water, especially on hot days. Don’t ever leave your pets in the car. This can cause your pets to overheat. A car, even on a cold day, can quickly turn into an oven for your poor pet. Certain pets are more likely to overheat. For example, dogs with short noses and elderly dogs are more at risk for heat illness. If your dog exhibits any heat illness symptoms, you may want to consult a vet. Pets will play and get hurt. It may even hurt another person. Unfortunately, disease can be easily spread among pets during a fight. This is how many cats acquire diseases. Keep your pets enclosed and you should be able to minimize fights. If your dog is prone to fights and biting, be especially careful in public. Not all people know how to handle dogs.

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