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Crayfish Live

If you are thinking about, “can crayfish live together?” Well, the reply is going to be a major fat, “it depends.”

There so many factors that will into spend playtime with pet crayfish. Trust me, I’ve owned several crayfish within the last few years. I’ve owned two electric blue crayfish the other albino crayfish that probably can have killed a smaller dog.

First off, how big is of a tank are you currently planning on using a crayfish in? If you plan on utilizing a ten gallon aquarium for several crayfish, personally I’d say this is not a good decision. One of my crayfish fought towards the death with yet another one of my crayfish while coping with a ten gallon tank. Yes, they got along perfectly for some time, but eventually it located claws, and the guys went in internet marketing, hard.

I remember walking in from work some day to see that my blue crayfish have been eaten by my albino crayfish. There were tiny blue components of my crayfish during the entire tank. It was not pretty, but that is nature sometimes.

Personally, if you’re planning on having a couple of crayfish, I’d recommend at the least a twenty gallon aquarium with lots of hiding spaces, or hideouts. Crayfish like to be able to hide out. And having the capacity to hide out is particularly important when they’re molting. Because once they molt, they become weak and therefore are more susceptible to attacks by both crayfish and also other fish.

I’d also recommended keeping your crayfish fed. Now, I do not mean in any respect to over-feed your crayfish. Crayfish already dirty the tank up enough as it’s and over-feeding them is only going to make it worse. So do not overfeed these little guys.

Just remember, crayfish are scavengers plus they are extremely aggressive. They are omnivores. They like to eat anything they are able to get their claws on. Because of their nature, there’s just about no guarantee that they may not catch and eat another crayfish with your tank. Having said that, search for fish which might be aggressive, swim near the top of the tank and/or swim fast if you’re looking for tank mates to your crayfish. These types of fish could have the best opportunity at surviving.

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