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Month: December 2020

Reasons Why Using a Dog Chain is Unacceptable


Using a dog chain is deplorable Some individuals use dog chain to control their dogs. Among all individuals, some uses chain on a permanent basis whereas others use it when they are away from their dog and home. Anyway, chaining a dog using a dog chain is unacceptable. Irrespective of the presence of water, food, and suitable shelter, chaining is a complete no-no for abundant reasons: Chaining a dog is illegal in various areas. Numerous local governments had passed the anti-chaining laws to stop this cruel practice. Numerous animal rights groups are violently campaigning against the impression of chaining are always considered as a best friend of men-kind, and it is true for maximum part. If a dog is your best friend then you would definitely not like him to be chained with a dog chain alike a slave.

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