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The Budgie

My mother perished in February and I took on responsibility for my child budgerigar Sky. He is an attractive little bird – very noisy and feisty – isn’t hand tamed and will not like being touched. Heaven assist you if you try! He is approximately a few years old – give or take.

Mum utilized to bring Sky back with her when she visited, so I was mindful of how to take care of him, but apart from that I really was missing a clue about budgies. I remember one we’d as a dog or cat when I would have been a teenager and this was about it.

Sky and I had a routine to the first 5 months – I opened his cage door every day but he never left it. He was very happy to flap his wings inside his cage which can be large enough for this with room to spare.

Then came your day about a month ago when he ventured out and also the problems started. On the few times which he started to fly around he flew in the walls coupled with a nasty fall when he misjudged a shelf – this had never happened to him before and the man went into shock.

This noisy, feisty little bird became quiet – he couldn’t keep his perch properly and wound up walking around on the bottom of his cage – it had been truly heart breaking to view. He would jump for the slightest movement or unexpected sound and fly around in a very panic. I knew that there was something seriously wrong when he allowed me to keep him around my hand on 3 separate situations when I had to rescue him from falling off his perch.

I am fortunate being friends with many animal healers and communicators then one of them instructed me on giving him Rescue Remedy which helped. She didn’t go to a serious illness with him, slightly sore from his collisions, and he or she did some distant healing on him and the man perked up a great deal, but used to be far from to his normal self. He was much calmer though and didn’t enter into panics, so I chosen to get him read through by the vet at the same time.

Sky was far away from happy at being caught and set into a really pretty tissue box and carted along towards the vet, an exceptionally pleasant man who specialises in small animals. He examined him determined him for being underweight, however with no external damage, good eyesight and no issue with his claws. However, he did suspect that she might have liver and/or kidney problems and explained that budgies often only lived between four or five years knowning that 15 years (that is what I had read) was the exception instead of the rule. He set it up some medicine and created an appointment for your following week, but I could tell by his demeanour which he didn’t expect Sky to outlive.

I was absolutely heartbroken – this little bird had crept into my heart and had also been a connection to Mum and I couldn’t bear the very thought of losing him so soon.

Synchronicity is a large part of my entire life and I was presented with further information which could be of great help and another piece inside the puzzle. I was again told that there was nothing physically wrong with him, but that she was grieving, deeply depressed and didn’t begin to see the point of living. It was suggested that I put a picture of my Mum as part of his cage with him also to add a amount of curcumin to his food/drink to help you build him up.

I immediately printed out a picture of Mum and place it in the cage and I couldn’t believe the advance in him – when someone had said, I would experienced a hard time believing it. He immediately started eat and drink as though he was comprising for lost time. His food was near Mum’s photo and the man would stay in close proximity to it because was eating. One night I peeped in on him and hubby was fast asleep right close to her. He also found the strength to have back onto his perch again and started moving round his cage – it turned out truly miraculous. I also put an item of Rose Quartz into his cage and the man spent a lot of time near to that too.

He was obviously still stressed though, so I cancelled an extra visit for the vet and chosen to let nature take its course. With the help of my girlfriends I had done everything I could and it absolutely was now around Sky to choose whether he wished to stay or otherwise.

It has become an emotional month watching this little bird undergoing his trauma, also it has been a continuing healing. Just yesterday he experienced 3 days of literally located on his perch virtually motionless, just eating just a little now and then, but showing no desire for anything. I felt helpless and wondered if he was craving companionship – though he previously had always been a solitary bird.

However, just 72 hrs ago he began to make some noise and showed some interest as part of his surroundings. The following day he began to play again and was climbing everywhere and already he hasn’t stopped chatting. It does my heart good to listen for him.

Once I exited my emotional state it occurred to me how the reason he was flying in the walls could possibly be because I have no pictures on those particular walls, so he can’t judge where they may be – I will rectify that before they are ready to get out of the safety and security of his cage. Fingers crossed!!


This whole situation confirmed if you ask me the necessity of an holistic method of healing. There were numerous people involved in Sky’s healing and so they were all necessary elements of it.

The animal healers/communicators helped me to aid him together with his shock and enabled me to feel confident for taking him for the vet without giving him any extra stress. They also prompted me to deal along with his grief about losing my Mum also to give him the essential care as direction.

The vet put my thoughts at rest regarding his physical condition which he hadn’t injured himself whilst flying.

I truly don’t even think that Sky could well be alive today if I hadn’t squeeze photo of my Mum into his cage with him. It might sound far-fetched, nevertheless, you might just trust me if you had seen the virtually instant alteration of him.

It has created me wonder the quantity of animals have passed away or been place down due to emotional and mental problems, instead of physical. This is an issue that I didn’t even consider just five weeks ago. I think most people are aware about dogs and larger animals pining, but what number of of us – myself included – might have considered that slightly bird as being a budgie would move through a similar process?

I still spray him with Rescue Remedy and provide it to him to drink, and add curcumin to his grated carrot. I will continue with that for some time longer, until I feel time spent any more.

I have experienced a ‘thrown from the deep end’ education last month – one that I won’t forget and I hope that my story will resonate by incorporating of you that make out the print.

In the meantime, I am pleased that my feisty, noisy little friend is still around and sincerely hope that she will be for quite a while to come.

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